iPRO MOH (Music-on-Hold)


Experience the Superiority of a Digital MUSIC ON HOLD SYSTEM.

Join thousands of companies that use custom programming to keep their callers informed, entertained and, most importantly, on the line.

Just imagine the ways in which you can communicate to callers. HTCS can customize message on hold for your particular business, providing information specific to your company, it’s products and services, your image, and your customer service goals

BENEFITS of Music on Hold:

  • Reduce caller frustration from waiting on hold and decrease caller hang-ups.
  • Increase sales of products and services by urging callers to ask for further information.
  • Reflect a professional customer service image and create good will with new prospects and customers.
  • Replace the dead air, or radio station playing commercials to your customers.
  • Prevent potential copyright infringement problems by using licensed music.


Don’t let your most important assets your current and prospective customer’s, wait on hold without hearing from you. With our Message on Hold, your customers won’t lose patience, and you won’t lose customers. Contact HTCS today for a demonstration of Message on Hold custom programming.


The iProMOH is a digital on-hold announcer combining the benefits of both digital and tape systems.

  • Solid state design guarantees continuous maintenance-free operation.
  • Up to 16 minutes of recording time.
  • Built-in tape transport automatically downloads cassette to digital memory.
  • Automatic reloading following power outages.
  • 600 ohm and 8 ohm audio outputs allows compatibility with any telephone system having a MOH interface.
  • Adjustable volume, bass, and tremble controls.
  • Optional after-hours announcement.

The ProMOH’s solid state design guarantees continuous maintenance free operation. The MOH (Music-on-Hold) message is stored in dynamic RAM memory to provide superior announcement quality that does not deteriorate over time.

Recording time starts at 4 minutes, but can be expanded to provide up to 16 minutes of audio storage. Recorded messages can be monitored over the built-in speaker during recording and playback.

The built-in tape transport automatically downloads a professionally pre-recorded cassette to digital memory. Simply insert a cassette and press the record button. A separate tape player is not required. After downloading, the tape transport and cassette are not subject to any additional continuous wear.

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